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Mom and baby receiving a prescription. Photo credit Jane Briggs

A Call for Strong Pharmaceutical Systems to Prevent Pneumonia Deaths in Children

November 11, 2020

By Jane Briggs, Senior Principal Technical Advisor and MNCH Lead, MTaPS

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children under age five worldwide, according to WHO. The disease claimed the lives of more than 800,000 children under the age of five last year—one child every 39 seconds (UNICEF).   

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Moms and babies Mali Photo credit MSH

Toolkit for Administration of Amoxicillin for Childhood Pneumonia

November 11, 2020

The current World Health Organization (WHO) treatment guidelines for pediatric pneumonia recommend oral amoxicillin as the first-line treatment. There are several pediatric dosages and formulations of oral amoxicillin available, but WHO and UNICEF recommend amoxicillin dispersible tablets (DTs) as the formulation of choice for treatment of pediatric pneumonia. 

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Equipping Health Workers with Treatment Protocols and Job Aids to Reduce Maternal and Child Mortality in DRC

November 10, 2020

A significant proportion of maternal and child deaths can be avoided if women and children have access to quality, adequate health services and if the necessary quality medical products, supplies, and skilled health providers are available.

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